Why fish with what you feel is the best, When you can fish with what you know is the best.
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St. Croix Mojo Spinning Rod
Penn Fierce Spinning Reel
Penn Battle Spinning Reel
Carrot Stix Fast Action Spinning Rod
150yd.15lb. Power Pro Line Green
300yd. 30lb. Power Pro Line Green
Power Pro Great Equipment

    150yds  15lbs.              Strength
                               Noise/Friction Reduction                                          No memory
The St. Croix Mojo Spinning Rod of any length is a great example of this. This pole holds up in the most trying of battles on the water. It has the flexibility needed to provide great leverage along with getting you the proper distance when casting without sacrificing strength when hauling in that massive catch. This could be one of the best rods out there for your inshore and offshore needs.
Another rod worth mentioning is the Carrot Stix Fast Action Spinning Rod because not only does it have what it takes to hold up under pressure, but because it’s just plain fun. This rod, although it may not be your top choice for going after that Giant haul, is one that creates the enjoyment we love when fishing. It is made for fast action fishing and for catch after catch of any size fish. What better way to fish is there than to have hits on your line all day long? Choose a pole that can live up to that expectation and will not fail as it is made for this sort of thing.
Another great rod that is underestimated is the Penn Fierce Spinning Rod Combo. Although it looks like just another fishing pole its sleek design and graphite rod make it one of a kind for pulling in a nice sized catch. Not to mention it is affordable which makes it the perfect addition to your collection. This rod comes in different series depending on your needs such as type of fish you are going for and the length of line you will need to reach your mark.
The Penn Fierce Spinning Reel on this rod/reel combo is also another example of Penn's high quality standard. It has a few different series that will give you the spooling length needed for the perfect amount of line for practically any fishing environment. These reels are tested per series and can hold a great deal of weight and tension. Choose this series and you will be happy to know that your fish is secure.
Speaking of quality reels The Penn Battle Spinning Reel is yet another testament to Penn's legacy. This reel has multiple series depending on the type of fishing you are looking to do however no matter the size this reel does not disappoint. It is great for in and offshore fishing and holds up to the test of whatever comes across its line. When looking into Reels these are the best out there today. You will not find a more affordable product that will hold true to its name. The true test will come when you have your line in the water, that monster catch hits, and you can rest assured knowing your reel is top notch.

How can one fish with the best fishing gear without having the proper line to use to ensure a catch each time. By using the 15lb Power Pro Green Line you will never have an issue again with breaking line and fray while reeling in the catch of a lifetime.
If the 150 yard is not quite hitting that mark, ensure distance with the 300 yd 30lb Power Pro Line. The benefits of using Power pro vs. other types are that it will allow you to get the most line on your spool because it is braided under high tension to create that no-stretch, silent, strong, ultra sensitive, no-memory line we all look for.
One important item to remember when it comes to fishing line is the spool on your reel can only hold so much line and you want to verify how much yours can hold. Over spooling line can have devastating results in the heat of battle if not done properly so please be aware of limits on your reels spooling length. Also there is nothing more frustrating to the avid angler than getting your fish to the boat only to lose that catch when attempting to retrieve it.
Still not yet a true believer that this gear will get you the catches you have been looking for. We too were once skeptical when given advice on what gear to use when fishing. After all, we were the greatest fisherman out there, a legend in our own minds. Only until we gave something new a try were we surprised to find our fishing game has never been better. We only use top quality products and why should that be any different for you. There is not a product on this page that we do not own or haven't used ourselves and had positive results. Please adhere to all fishing rules and regulations for your area. Give it a try and see for yourself the possibilities!
Tested and true the fishing gear you find here has been proven time and time again, from the flats to the open ocean. Even the greatest fisherman and woman are backed up by some of the most effective fishing gear and now its all in one place.  Never come home empty handed again.

Listed here is some of the best fishing gear that has had excellent results on the water. You will also find a few additional pieces of gear that are must haves on and off the water to go along with your new rod, reel, and line so you never have deal with losing that prime catch and you can be comfortable while doing what you love. These rods, reels, and other accessories do best in any arena whether fishing from the shore or by boat they hold true to the standard of excellence we all look for in our fishing endeavors.
Fishing is one of America's famous pastimes. It has been dated back in history about 40,000 years. Man first started fishing as a food source, and 40,000 years later we now find it is bringing family's together one boat, rod, and fish at a time as a hobby and a pastime. Do not forget though even though this is considered a hobby for some, for others fishing can be a business to provide food and income for their family. Also for others fishing is a lifestyle, something they do day in day out not for profit but for love of the fish and places it takes them. We all know these people we are among them every day.  From the Avid Angler looking to set the next record to that Family connection away from the distractions of everyday life you can find what you need right here. These tried and true products are only the beginning of the fishing revolution taking place the next time you fish! Not only is the gear listed here quality, it ranges in pricing from the cheap but effective and lasting to the expensive and sure fire every time! The next time you have some free time ask yourself "Why not go Fishing?"

The Fishing Revolution!

Otterbox Waterproof Box (clear)
Every great fisherman knows nothing is safe on the water. Ensure safety to your most important belongings in this waterproof box guaranteed to keep electronics dry when submerged up to 100 feet. Aside from being waterproof this box is also air tight and crush proof !
The Best Fishing Gear
The Best Fishing Gear

    150yds  15lbs.              Strength
                               Noise/Friction Reduction                                          No memory
LengthTest Benefits
Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Flipping Cast Rod
Penn Fierce Combo Spinning rod
The Shimano Sellus is the rod for cast to those hard to reach places. When it comes to flip casting this rod will surprise every time. It makes use of the way the handle feel when flip casting to give you the leverage and comfort to make your cast hit your target almost every single time. This rod is a medium heavy rod which not only makes it durable enough for those fish that make other rods shiver but it is flexible enough to give you the mobility to make your cast count. We feel this rod just may be one of the best most affordable flipping cast rods out there.
Shakespeare Ugly Stick Spinning rod
There could not be more to be said about this rod. The Shakespeare Ugly Stick may just be one of the best pieces of fishing gear for every fisherman's collection. We say this because this rod is not only affordable, but there is not much this rod cannot handle. It is a must have for your collection it may not be your first choice but when you start using it, it may become that first grab on those early mornings before a fishing trip.
Daiwa Spinning Reel
Shimano Sellus Ugly Stick Daiwa Spinning Reel
The Daiwa Spinning Reel is a reel that is in a class of its own. Its craftsmanship is made specifically for the fishing adventurer. We think this reel is great because it allows you to fish where ever it is that you prefer and feel best on any given day. This reel is made for saltwater and freshwater, from deep ocean to shallow shoreline it does not disappoint. It is a step above other reels. The mechanics are made impeccably and will not fail when landing your fish depends upon it.
Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel
Shimano Stradic
The Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel is a great reel for every class of fisherman. This reel is made for freshwater fishing however it does not shy when put to the test in the salt water arena. We suggest always properly cleaning your reels after any long day of fishing so it stay top quality. This reel can be a best pick when fishing for specific types of fish as well as just a general day on the water. The quality Shimano has shown in their fishing gear is certainly evident with this reel.
Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel
Shimano Baitrunner
Once again Shimano shows off their excellence in creating a quality product for every fisher's needs. This reel is a step above normal reels. It is made with specific bearings that are not stainless steel. These bearings are much more corrosion resistant than most common reels. This reel will bring a new level to your fishing game. It is made to withstand pressure from even the largest fish. This reel does not disappoint in craftsmanship, mechanics, and fine tuning for that sensitivity you need when feeling for that specific catch.
Costa Del Mar Brine Polarized Sunglasses
This next piece of the best fishing gear is a MUST have when on or off shore fishing. The Costa Del Mar brand of Polarized Sunglasses are the best on the market. Any pair of polarized sunglasses are a must have when fishing however the Costa Del Mar Bring Polarized Sunglasses bring a whole new view to fishing on the water. These sunglasses are specifically designed to give you that view that allows you to see into the water at what you are looking at. Not only will they be useful while outdoors but while driving they allow you to see the shades of water to estimate depth that will give you the best idea of a location to fish that day.
Costa Del Mar
Costa Del Mar Mesh Hat
Who is a fan of sun in their eyes when trying to locate the best spot to anchor ,wade, drift, or troll. Not us! Aside from the gear you use to land fish and get the in and to the boat is the gear that allows you to find those fish. Any hat will do on the water but why settle when you can have the best hat for you fishing day. This hat will protect your eyes and head from the suns harmful rays and sometimes even a bit of water. Also its mesh backing allows that breathe-ability for when its gets hot out there so you don't over heat. After all most heat is radiated out of the head. Don't settle when it comes to your body.
Costa Del Mar
Coleman 70-quart Xtreme Marine Cooler
The only thing left to worry about after you have landed your catch is where to put it that you know it will be safe. We have you covered in that department as well. The Coleman Marine Cooler any size is the best cooler for day on the water. It is insulated to keep any drinks or food cool through the most extreme temperatures. It is also a great place to store your catches. We thought we would throw in some advice from our experience. If you buy two you will have a place to store your food and drinks as well as a nice cool clean place to store you catch.
Coleman Marine Cooler
Berkley Gulp Shrimp 3 inch
Some of the best fake bait we have used and had substantial results with are the Berkley brand Gulp Shrimp. This bait performs and will put any live shrimp to the test. That is a fact. These shrimp come in all colors and sizes and are made to look as lifelike as possible. Not to mention they are soaked in specially designed fluid to not go dry and to give them that authentic shrimp smell when in the water. Get a few packs for your next fishing trip and find out just how good they are.
Eagle Claw "Circle Hook" Assortment w/case - 85 pc. Kit 2/0-5/0
Eagle Claw Berkley Gulp
Not a fan of fake bait. Thats alright we have something for you as well. This assortment of Eagle Claw Circle Hooks will ensure you do not lose your bait or your catch. These hooks are made specifically for live bait and are made to not bend or falter when the fish is on the line. They ensure a catch every time without that fear of that fish or your bait coming off the hook.